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Reimagining Carrier Billing

Micropayments For Premium Content and Virtual Goods.
On Web, Mobile, and In-App.

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Your Customers Will Love It

Your customer is our customer. We work to ensure that payments are as seamless as possible, reducing your number of dropped purchases.

Large Screen Purchases

Yippster brings direct operator billing to the large screen. Don't limit your customers to only those with bank accounts or credit cards.

In-App Purchases

Making purchases is fast, easy and intuitive! And we've designed our systems to be more secure than any other system out there.

Easy Integration

Yippster integrates in websites, mobile sites and InApp. It works on 2G, 3G as well as on broadband and Wifi. Integration is fast and super easy.

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How It Works

  • Customers now will pay for your premium digital content with their phone talktime. This means if a customer has a prepaid phone, the charge is deducted from his/her talktime balance. If the customer has a post paid phone, the charge is added to the monthly phone bill.

  • Depending on the network the customer is on, he/she is either presented with a YES/NO button to confirm payment OR the customer is asked to send an SMS to our toll free SMS shortcode. On successful payment, an SMS receipt is received by the customer, who then gets access to the purchased content.

For ALL Digital Content and Virtual Goods Sellers

As a premium content creator, you should be able to charge all your customers. Even if the charge is small. Even if your customers don't have or want to use cards for online payments. Partner with us for getting the maximum for your creative genius. Yippster has custom solutions for every type of content.

  • Paywalls

    Easy to integrate paywalls for e-papers and online magazines. Our custom plugins will help you start monetizing your content in minutes.

  • Visual Media

    Be it entertainment or education, make sure your premium content can be purchased by your fans.

  • Mobile Applications

    Carrier billing for in-app purchases. Including for your virtual currencies. Easy to integrate SDK. Attractive offers for independent app developers.

  • Audio Stars

    Musicians, artists, instructors, podcasters. Monetize your content.

  • Game Developers

    Carrier Billing for in-game purchases.

  • Youtube Stars

    Start your own paid streaming service and monetize your fan following. Ask for our custom solutions.

  • Devs/ Designers

    Freelance developers/ designers. Monetize your blogs, and charge your users for your original designs and codes.

  • Everyone

    Did we miss your category? We want to make sure we get to you especially! Reach out to us and partner with us.


Yippster is trusted by some of the biggest names.

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